The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group


Saving Fleetwoods Historic Lifeboat

Registered Charity No:1166752


1938 • Constrution of ON813 RNLB Ann Letitia Russell begins at Groves and Guttridge, Cowes Isle of Wight.


1938 December 19th • RNLB Ann Letitia Russell construction completed at Cowes Isle of Wight & Registered with the Board of Trade to the port of London.


1939 February 16th • ON 813 Arrives at Fleetwood.

       July 26th • Naming ceremony takes place, Named Ann Letitia Russell, Named by  Lady Stanley.  


1941 August 5th • 8 Saved from    MS “Stella Marie” in NNW Gale, Coxswain Jeffrey Wright and Mechanic Sydney Hill Awarded the RNLI  Silver Medal. Second     Coxswain James Leadbetter, Assistant Mechanic Richard Wright, and Crewmen William Houston and David Wright received the RNLI’s Thanks on Vellum for their  part in the rescue.


1945 April 13th • RAF Wellington Bomber crashed in to the sea off Fleetwood. Motor Mechanic Sydney Hill gathers a scratch crew to put the lifeboat to sea.


1948 May 16th • Fire on the Wyre Lighthouse, ALR rescues 3 Lighthousekeepers.


1949 April  3rd & 4th • Yacht Alpha “Alpha” runs aground, Coxswain James Leadbetter awarded the  RNLI Bronze Medal.


1953 December 31 • Herbert Rawcliffe appointed Coxswain


1954 January 26th • Search for RAF Bomber, 6 Lifeboats involved, ALR was at sea for 17 hours.

        February 8th • Albert Wright appointed Coxswain.


1955 June 8th Isle of Man Steamer runs aground leaving Fleetwood, 153 people landed by the ALR.


1960 • Richard Wright appointed Coxswain.

           Bryan Gerrard appointed Motor Mechanic.


1963 • ALR taken off station for a major refit and to be re-engined.


1964 • Ben Bee appointed Coxswain.


1969 • Roy Mitchinson appointed Coxswain.


1972 • Andrew Griffin appointed Motor Mechanic.


1974 • RNLI Announce ALR to be replaced in 1976.


1976 January 1st • David Scott appointed Coxswain.

       January 17th • A new Lifeboat arrives and ALR is withdrawn from service.


1977 • ALR Sold out of service. Renamed Angela and used as a Fisheries Protection boat in Southern Ireland.


1986 • Sold to a Boatyard in Barry Wales and cabin added, re-named Olive.


2009 • Laid up in Lowestoft.


2015 May • Donated to ALRRG for restoration.

       August 16th Retuned to Fleetwood for restoration.


2016 • Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group becomes a registered charity.


2017 November • Ann Letitia Russell registered on the Historic Ships Register