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Museum Project

Over the next year The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group need to secure a permanent home and more funding for the Ann Letitia Russell. The group have now been given the chance to purchase a building to house her in. The Group propose to purchase the building on adelaide street and convert it in to a Lifeboat Museum to house the Ann Letitia Russell & the history of the Fleetwood Lifeboat service.

The converting of the building to a Lifeboat Museum it would make it possible to complete the restoration of the Ann Letitia Russell and display the her in a safe and secure environment and allow visitors to see the restoration work being undertaken.                              


The conversion of the building would take place over 3 phases, Phase 1 would be to prepare the building for the installation of the Ann Letitia Russell by removing the ground floor partition walls that currently form a small office, Installing the rear fire escape, Installation of the toilets, the removal of part of the 1st floor to create a viewing gallery, prepare the floor where the Lifeboat is to sit and the removal of the shop front at the last stage of the phase 1.

Phase 2 is installing the Ann Letitia Russell in to the building, Replacing the shop front with new windows and double doors and fitting out the entrance hall.

Phase 3 will be the fitting out the main ground floor and 1st floor museum area, 1st floor office/staff/kitchen area, installation of the lift and installation of the displays.

During phase 3 and for some time after the completion of phase 3 the restoration of the Ann Letitia Russell will take place encouraging visitors to make return visits to see the different stages of the restoration project.


The estimated cost of the purchase of a building, carry our building works and to fit out the building is £302,485


During early 2018 The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group will be applying for funding and carrying out a feasibility study into the building of a museum for the Ann Letitia Russell. The study will include an application of planning consent for change of use to  the building from A1 Shop to D1 Non-residential institutions, a display of the plans and a chance for the general public to give their views on the project.


Please veiw the proposal document below and leave your feedback and comments on the form below.

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Front Elavation of 42 Adelaide Street

42 Adelaide St Location Plan


Perposed plan D 1st Floor Perposed plan D Ground Floor