The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group


Saving Fleetwoods Historic Lifeboat

Registered Charity No:1166752

Meeting Minutes

27th meeting, Royal Oak Fleetwood.                                                               23rd Jan 2018 1900 hrs.


Minutes of meeting.


The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group

Registered Charity 1166752.



Rob Baines (RB) [Chair),Chris Jackson (CJ),Veronica Beevers (VB),Mel Scott (MS), Johnny Scott (JS),Matt Consadine (MC), Charles Scott (CS), Harold Lathom (HL)



Previous meetings minutes were read and approved by the committee.



Frank Pook, Tony Barnes, Jeff Jackson (JJ)



The Weather has not been good, the pump has given up & JJ has ordered a new pump system and should be up and running within the next week.



VB Has now had the login details from RBS, just waiting for the start up code and bank card. We have £7713.74 in the bank account.



End of year fundraiser 16th December finale Raised.

Grand Raffle Draw 2018 to be held 25th Aug at Dead’Uns, 1st Prize £150, 2nd Prize £100 & 3rd prize £50. RB will organize tickets and be on sale by mid-March. MS & JS to organize the event and HL to go around local businesses to get prizes. RB to put on website and print posters.

VB is organizing a quiz night at the Bowling Club on waiting on the quiz master to confirm availability.

HL has agreed to take on the role as collection box secretary, overseeing the emptying of the collection boxes and finding some new places for us to have them.

CJ & VB to look into funding from Fleetwood Town Council.

It was agreed we should attend Tram Sunday on 15 July and the Blackpool model show again 21st & 22nd October.



RB continues to source parts. We now have found someone for the Stanchions RB is meeting with them in a few weeks and will get some prices and then we can apply for the relevant funding.



During December RB has redesigned the website and updated the information, also added a link to the PayPal account so can receive donations though the website, more to go on the website over the next few weeks. The website has had 1109 views between 29th Dec & 20 Jan.



CJ & JJ our organizing a meeting with the current building owner within the next few weeks to get a definite price in writing, Simon Lowton from CVSBWF has put together an application for a feasibility study grant to apply for planning permission for change of use. Planning application and plans will be put together and submitted when the funding is awarded.



RB Has now put together the Indemnity form, MS has checked this, each member that wishes to work on the vessel or any visitors wishing to go on board the vessel will need to fill one out.



MC to put dates of next 3 meetings in the weekly news.


11) A.O.B

It was suggested we have an open day at the boat to try and give the town a chance at what we are doing and get a few more people interested, 28th April 11am – 3pm was agreed, RB to print posters and put on website, MS to arrange Old Boys Band


Meeting ended at 20:10

Next meeting : Dead’Uns 1900 hrs

27th Febuary 2018

3rd April 2018

24th April 2019

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